My experience


Teaching Assistant

  • Evaluated and provided feedback for assignments based on core principles in UX research and design

  • Participated in weekly retros and stand-ups with the Education Team

  • Promoted cross-collaboration for students in UX Design, Web Development, and

Data Science.

  • Provided 1-on-1 mentorship for students

Dialogue Health Technologies

Account Development

  • Spearheaded the organization of account data by introducing innovative reporting

strategies across Go-To-Market (GTM); facilitating access to this data led to a 30%

reduction in response time to customer inquiries.

  • Conducted account development training sessions with fellow ADRs, leading to a

30% improvement in team’s qualification-call to meetings booked conversion rate.

  • Contributed to the creation and organization of RFP content, reducing response

time by 25% and ensuring compliance with RFP requirements, leading to a higher

success rate in securing contracts.

Made by Gather

Office Assistant

  • Proficiently used ACCPAC and SAGE software to manage invoices and purchase

orders, resulting in a 15% reduction in financial errors and ensuring accurate

financial records

  • Demonstrated adaptability and versatility by seamlessly alternating between sales,

accounting, and logistics departments, providing valuable support and contributing

to operational efficiency.